tirsdag, september 06, 2005

Mullah Krekar truer med at straffe Norge hvis han udvises

Mullah Krekar says Norway will be punished if he is forcibly returned to Iraq. Mullah Krekar made the threats in an interview with the Arab TV station Al-Jazeera. Krekar says that all must know that a decision to expel him to Iraq is a crime that will not pass without punishment.

Minister of Municipal Affairs, Erna Solberg, says to Aftenpoasten that if the department receives support by the courts for its decision to expel Krekar, then the Norwegian authorities will not be stopped by threats. Mullah Krekar came to Norway as a quota refugee in 1991. Thgroughout the 90s Krekar worked to set up an armed group named Ansar al-Islam in Northern Iraq.

NRK/Aftenposten via Fjordman

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